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Calm Aid Bundle

Calm Aid Bundle

Normaler Preis €89,99
Normaler Preis €89,99 Verkaufspreis €104,99
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30 servings


100% natural

checkmark Eases Anxiety And Banishes Stress

checkmark Smoothly Regulates Stress Response

checkmark Provides A Natural Confidence Boost



100% organic cold-pressed hemp seed extract, rapeseed oil and magnesium citrate.


Feeding Guide

Gradually add to existing feed. Moisten feed for sloppy eaters. Increase quantities for specific problems or if results are not achieved after the required time.


Get it between - and -.

Calm Aid Bundle

Calm Aid Bundle

Normaler Preis €89,99
Normaler Preis €89,99 Verkaufspreis €104,99
SPAREN 14% Ausverkauft
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What Makes Our Product Unique

Calm Aid fosters a state of calm in your horse, without affecting their agility. No drowsiness, guaranteed.

check_circle Made in Ireland

check_circle Organic Produce

check_circle Advanced Formula

check_circle Laboratory Tested

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Real Results From Real Customers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's so good about hemp-seed?

    Hemp is an adaptogenic plant. That means it has an ability to adapt to the body's needs and naturally modulate biochemical processes like stress hormone production. Fascinating, isn't it?

    Will my horse get high from this?

    NO. All our supplements are crafted from medicinal hemp-seeds, which don't produce THC.

    Hemp contains very little THC, usually less than 0.3%

    Is Equisolv approved for competing?

    YES! Our plant-based products are precision-crafted to ensure 100% legality and compliance. Allowing your horse to benefit from the power of nature without worrying about legality or the integrity of the action.

    What if my horse doesn't like it?

    In our 19 years of business, we have only had a few returns. Most horses LOVE Equisolv products!

    If you or your horse don't like the products, you can return any sealed products within 60 days.

    Experience a More Confident Horse

    Join the growing number of Equisolv members and enjoy stress-free riding with a calmer, more confident horse.

     520+ Happy Horses